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Starting Out

For complete beginners, A bundle of 4 courses.
Learn the basics of reading & writing, first sentences, dialogues and how to introduce yourself!

Which courses are included?

Getting Serious

A bundle of 7 courses for those who want to start learning the verb system.
Learn the basics of reading & writing, first sentences, dialogues, how to introduce yourself, and then possession, present tense verbs and present to infinitive

Which courses are included?

Having it all

A bundle of 9 courses for advanced students. All current available courses are included in this bundle. Learn Hebrew from Alef to Tav

Which courses are included?

Why I Founded Speaking Hebrew

Having worked in the Hebrew teaching systems for years showed me the current system didn't work; Most of my students weren't new to Hebrew and had tried other programs before. It seems like one-time lessons and time-limited programs don't work in the long term, and students cannot still speak Hebrew confidently.

In addition, so many people can't afford the price of a private Ulpan, can't arrive there physically, or are just too busy to find the time. I was determined to offer better solutions for Hebrew learners, so I developed the first mobile private Ulpan! Now, the private Ulpan's methods, tips, and tricks arrive at your doorstep, designed to match your schedule, and are super-affordable. Enjoy your new language! Yours, Elinor G Founder and Head Teacher, Jerusalem, Israel

A mobile Ulpan

No matter where you are in the world - We aim to provide you with a real private Ulpan experience.

One Teacher

No more Russian roulette when it comes to your Hebrew teacher - You know who your teacher is and her teaching style. You know what you are getting and what to expect out of your teacher.

Built-in video practice​

Practice is 60% of the work! You can find exercises and their solutions in PDF and video formats in every course.

Structured Content

Clear and structured path. Nine core courses that construct your way to fluency!

Fair Pricing

Our fair pricing is part of our agenda: make Hebrew affordable for a wider audience

Download your Textbooks

Each course comes with printable materials. A clear, thoughtful design. Big letters and a color-coding method we've developed. Just download, print, and you're ready to go!


Pay a one-time payment for each course to get a lifetime access
(Take a look at each course' syllabus!)

Want to take your hebrew to another level?

Meet the Student’s Success Program

1:1 personal meeting to ensure your progress and success

What our students say

I have been working with Elinor for about six months and couldn't be happier. I was a bit intimidated starting a new language as an adult but she makes Hebrew approachable and fun. The videos are useful without being overwhelming and allow me to make better use of my time on Zoom with Elinor. I've never progressed this quickly in a language before and I have already been able to apply what I've learned in real-life conversations. I'd recommend her to anyone
Reid, Programmar
Orlando, Florida
I really liked Elinor as a teacher! She uses non-formal and modern methods of studying Hebrew. When questions arise, Elinor always explained the topic until I understood. After taking a short Hebrew course with Elinor, I felt that my Hebrew level had increased. I am very grateful to Elinor and I advise her to everyone as a teacher
Renata Khamenka
Psychologist, Belarus
I am so happy I discovered Elinor’s Speaking Hebrew video classes for learning Hebrew. With the video lessons, it feels like I’m in a one-on-one class with Elinor, and I can repeat and review as many times as I want and need. The videos are accompanied by easy-to-understand downloadable written pdf pages. The videos and written material are well-organized and give me the confidence to keep going. The Speaking Hebrew website classes seem to be magically helping me improve my reading, writing, and speaking skills. Plus, it is great fun to learn Hebrew with Elinor.
Judy Albietz
Attorney, Berkeley CA
Maria Belanovskaya​
Elinor is amazing teacher and great professional. The lessons are excellent, dynamic and productive. In addition Elinor is very attentive to the student and I felt friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I enjoyed very much. Highly recommend.
Maria Belanovskaya
Special Education, Jerusalem

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speaking hebrew offers live online program for practice speech with other students around the world!


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You don’t need to purchase any learning materials. Every course includes its learning materials in the form of printable colorful files. Just download and print. Btw, we recommend printing in color, if possible, so you can enjoy our color coding system. 

No, it’s a recurring payment which means you’ll be billed ones a month. You can cancel anytime. Each month you’ll be getting a receipt straight to your mailbox.

Of course.

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We can’t guarantee our prices will stay the same in the future, if you wish to reserve our prices you need to enroll the course today and then you’ll always pay the prices you see now, even if new prices will be presented.

Yes! You can cancel anytime. Of course we’d love to hear why, so we can improve our service even more. Let us know by writing us to
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