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Elinor Gee
Founder & Teacher

Shalom! My name is Elinor. I’m the founder of Speaking Hebrew.

Speaking Hebrew is a revolutionary approach for Hebrew learning as a second language. Our vision, our approach, everything we do and keep doing is implemented in our courses and plans, and is meant to create a whole new positive experience that will be much more effective for Hebrew learners.

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Our Flagship Courses

The essence of Speaking Hebrew is implemented into our flagship courses and we believe they are the best solution for you.

Every week you׳ll receive the weekly lesson straight to your mailbox.

You’ll get everything you need to know in a very clear, concise, fun and easygoing fashion, from your teacher, Elinor.

Watch your lessons as many times as you like, from any device and from any place in the world that has a WIFI signal. You can learn on-the-go, while you׳re waiting for the train, on your way to work or at home in your Pyjamas.

The key to your success is without a doubt is the practice. We promise to provide you with lots and lots of practice.

Wait! You׳re not alone – as a member of our Flagship Courses you’ll have your own password protected access to our closed Facebook practice group.

Our intimate group is a place to interact with other Hebrew speakers of all levels from around the world. You can ask questions, discuss and share your thoughts, watch fun videos and content, and join live practice and Q&A sessions.

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Lifetime Access

Total Beginners

Starting from scratch? Don׳t know how to read and write? In this course you’ll master reading and writing in modern Hebrew.

In this course you will learn:

  • Reading Hebrew fluently
  • Reading challenges and how to solve them easily
  • Writing in Hebrew
  • Tips for perfect writing


Now that you know how to read and write, let׳s learn how to speak and express yourself with confidence.

In this course you will learn:

  • Introduction to Hebrew: Hebrew as a Semitic Language
  • First sentences: Expressing your immediate needs, thoughts, desires, hobbies etc...
  • Introduction to the verb system
  • Present tense
  • Basic vocabulary, basic prepositions, basic adjectives​
  • Asking all types of questions


It’s time to take your languages kills to the next level. The intermediate course reinforces your previous knowledge, and adds another tense, expands your vocabulary, and more.

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The past tense
  • Expanding vocabulary: Prepositions, adjectives, nouns
  • Complex structures of sentences
  • Active to passive verbs


This is where knowing more gives you an extra boost of confidence. We move on to the two final tenses and add more knowledge to your existing one in understanding complex sentences. 

Here is what we׳re going to learn:

  • The Past Tense
  • The Future Tense
  • Imperative
  • Expanding vocabulary: Prepositions, adjectives, nouns
  • Complexed structures of sentences

Business Hebrew

This level is usually not taught in Ulpans but it is so crucial for advanced students who want to improve their business Hebrew skills in a Hebrew speaking environment. This course is usually taught as a full 3-6 hour workshop. We had no hesitation including it in the Flagship Courses program. If you speak fluently or good enough and want to sound more professional – this program will teach you everything you need to know.This course is designed for advanced students who want to take their skills beyond ulpan-level conversational Hebrew, and into a Hebrew-speaking business environment. This course will give everything you need to know to sound professional.

In this course you׳ll learn:

  • Navigating administrative environments
  • Professional letters, emails and texting
  • Answering and handling professional phone calls
  • How to pass a job interview & answer 10 tricky questions
  • Review of important grammer: The gender of numbers & Future Tense in first person

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What students say

speaking Hebrew testimonials

Renata Khamenka

Psychologist, Belarus

I really liked Elinor as a teacher! She uses non-formal and modern methods of studying Hebrew. When questions arise, Elinor always explained the topic until I understood. After taking a short Hebrew course with Elinor, I felt that my Hebrew level had increased. I am very grateful to Elinor and I advise her to everyone as a teacher


Obed and Mily Frias

Parents, Orlando, Florida

Both of our girls have learned so much and have advance so much in Hebrew.  We are so amazed and thankful to you for  being such a great teacher. Thank you


Rakhel Frias

High school student, Orlando, Florida
Elinor is an amazing teacher, and I definitely recommend her. Being Jewish I’ve always had a interest in learning Hebrew. I started learning on my own using online applications, it helped me learn some vocabulary but I didn’t have enough confidence to use it. After just a few lessons with Elinor I felt a huge difference both in knowledge and in confidence. I wanted to learn at a fast pace and she made it possible. Elinor makes the classes fun and engaging and teaches according to your learning goals. I’m fifteen and don’t like sitting through boring classes but Elinor uses very fun and effective learning techniques
111 (4)

Marcel Serr

Doctorant, German Protestant Institute of Archeology, Jerusalem

Elinor is a very talented teacher. I recommend her without hesitation. She has a natural feeling for students. I enjoyed my lesson with her very much – It was always a lot of fun. The best Hebrew teacher I ever had”


Dr. Larry Friedman,

New York

Whether you are new to the Hebrew language or almost ready to take on a shopping trip to the shuk, Elinor will help you get your Hebrew to the next level and beyond.  She has a unique and organized approach to teaching the language. Her methods and materials will keep you engaged in the process and allow you to sense your steady progress.
As a middle aged product of an American Jewish education, I have always been frustrated by my inability to carry on meaningful conversations with everyday Israelis.  Newspapers and TV broadcasts were a blur of strange phrases and concepts. While I am not yet fluent, after several weeks with Elinor I can finally see that my goals are achievable. 
If you do the work, maintain a positive outlook and follow her methods Elinor will help you break through the language barrier and be a full participant in the amazingly rich and varied culture of Israel.


Joyce Rappaport

literary editor, Montreal

Elinor is an excellent teacher. She has taught me intermediate-level Hebrew both online and in person. She makes me feel comfortable and confident. Our conversations are interesting and cover topics ranging from my family, to work, travel, and world affairs. We study at a comfortable, flexible pace. I only wish that I could have a lesson every day

Speaking hebrew testemonials

Maria Belanovskaya

Special Education, Jerusalem

Elinor is amazing teacher and great professional . I took 10 lesson, it was excellent , dynamic and productive . In addition Elinor  is very attentive to the student and I felt friendly and comfortable atmosphere. I enjoyed very much. Highly recommend.

111 (1)

Elena Muro

computer engineer, Holland

Learning Hebrew with Elinor is fun! She gives one-on-on lessons that are so much more effective than CD courses because Elinor uses whatever interests you to make you speak Hebrew! Songs, stories, the latest news, movies, economy, politics, talking about everyday life or whatever else interests you Elinor uses that to make you speak. The lessons are customized to your needs and wishes. If understanding and being understood is your main wish, she reduces grammar rules and other boring ballast to the minimum in order to set you in the position to speak very fast, leaving the refining work to a later moment if you wish. I was amazed how fast I could manage a complicated language like Hebrew. If you want to write you will write, if you prefer to listen, Elinor will do the talk, if you like to talk or sing you will talk and/or sing, in this way learning is not difficult or boring, it happens almost by itself. I enjoy learning with Elinor

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