The importance of practice

Practice is a HUGE part of any learning, Let alone language learning—especially a language such as Hebrew.
In addition to a whole new vocabulary, Semitic language requires some new thinking patterns. It is essential to practice everything you learn to have long-term results and enjoy this beautiful language as much as we do.
There are various ways in which you can practice. Stage one of practice, the initial practice, is better done with a teacher that can correct and help on the spot to prevent some mistakes from becoming permanent. We offer online or offline practice programs. With time, the student should aspire to speak with native Hebrew speakers. By then – Here are our practice programs.

Practice Online

Learn together: Zoom Classes

An online interactive class using Zoom. All you need is to sign up and enter class via a dedicated link. In the class, we׳ll review the material, solve exercises and answer questions. Students will be able to write or voice their questions during the lesson.

Upcoming Zoom Classes

Private lesson: zoom private lessons

The most personal practice you can get. One-on-one practice with our headteacher and the founder of Speaking Hebrew, Elinor. Every lesson is tailor-made for your goals and needs. All you need is an active Skype account.

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Practice Offline

Face-to-face private lessons

IF you are interested in face-to-face private lessons and can arrive in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. For more details and a price quote, contact us here.

Face-to-face group class

If you’re interested in face-to-face small group lessons and can arrive in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, don’t hesitate to contact us here. For more details and a price quote.

Traveling Uplan

If you׳re interested in having us in your country – We׳re mobile! We׳ll gladly come to your country, teach and practice individuals and groups. 
Contact us here For more details and a price quote.

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