Student’s Success Program

Do you sometimes feel challenged by Hebrew?
Do you find it hard to persist? Do you think you’re capable of much more and need a framework to help you be more committed to the process?

Many Hebrew students enroll in Hebrew programs with a spark in their eyes and an incredible drive, but slowly burnout by life and routine, and their goal fades. For this reason, I created the Students’ Success Program for Hebrew learners – An incredible bundle of online Hebrew courses and a support program that accompanies them.
Each program is tailor-made for the student and designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle.
This unique program is one of its kind and the only one offered to Hebrew students worldwide.

What you'll get

6/8/12 Weeks of support with our head teacher & founder Elinor G

30 min per meeting via Zoom - Twice a week - Same days & times

Full access to all of our courses

Full Whatsapp availability for questions between sessions

Recordings of all the sessions

What we'll do together

Create commitment with a supportive environment that ensures your progress 
Build a personal learning strategy plan that works for you
Set clear, realistic goals and track the progress
Find your limited thoughts, break them and build strong positive ones
Discuss challenges that arise along the way and offer efficient ways to solve them
Q&A time - Ask anything regarding Hebrew and the process

The plans







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