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I really enjoy the course and Eli’s approach to learning. A simple example is the way she handles verbs. Every other book or video I have worked with starts out by stressing the names of the verb groups (binyanim) but the names only help you when you are ready to learn the past tense of verbs. And starting with the present tense makes so much more sense. So here you are trying to learn the present tense (hard enough) and have to go study the past tense in the middle just to figure out the names of the groups. Her approach: forget the names, for now, you can learn them later. It was liberating and helped me learn.
Barak Kassar
San Fransisco
Whether you are new to the Hebrew language or almost ready to take on a shopping trip to the shuk, Elinor will help you get your Hebrew to the next level and beyond. She has a unique and organized approach to teaching the language. Her methods and materials will keep you engaged in the process and allow you to sense your steady progress. As a middle aged product of an American Jewish education, I have always been frustrated by my inability to carry on meaningful conversations with everyday Israelis. Newspapers and TV broadcasts were a blur of strange phrases and concepts. While I am not yet fluent, after several weeks with Elinor I can finally see that my goals are achievable. If you do the work, maintain a positive outlook and follow her methods Elinor will help you break through the language barrier and be a full participant in the amazingly rich and varied culture of Israel.
Dr. Larry Friedman
Both of our girls have learned so much and have advance so much in Hebrew. We are so amazed and thankful to you for being such a great teacher. Thank you
Obed and Mily Frias
Parents, Orlando, Florida
Elinor is an excellent teacher. She has taught me intermediate-level Hebrew both online and in person. She makes me feel comfortable and confident. Our conversations are interesting and cover topics ranging from my family, to work, travel, and world affairs. We study at a comfortable, flexible pace. I only wish that I could have a lesson every day
Joyce Rappaport
Literary Editor, Montreal
Barak Kassar memorizing verbs on the train (picture: Barak Kassar)
Barak Kassar memorizing verbs on the train (picture: Barak Kassar)
Elinor is an amazing teacher, and I definitely recommend her. Being Jewish I’ve always had a interest in learning Hebrew. I started learning on my own using online applications, it helped me learn some vocabulary but I didn’t have enough confidence to use it. After just a few lessons with Elinor I felt a huge difference both in knowledge and in confidence. I wanted to learn at a fast pace and she made it possible. Elinor makes the classes fun and engaging and teaches according to your learning goals. I’m fifteen and don’t like sitting through boring classes but Elinor uses very fun and effective learning techniques
Rakhel Frias
Highschool Student, Orlando, Florida
Learning Hebrew with Elinor is fun! She gives one-on-on lessons that are so much more effective than CD courses because Elinor uses whatever interests you to make you speak Hebrew! Songs, stories, the latest news, movies, economy, politics, talking about everyday life or whatever else interests you Elinor uses that to make you speak. The lessons are customized to your needs and wishes. If understanding and being understood is your main wish, she reduces grammar rules and other boring ballast to the minimum in order to set you in the position to speak very fast, leaving the refining work to a later moment if you wish. I was amazed how fast I could manage a complicated language like Hebrew. If you want to write you will write, if you prefer to listen, Elinor will do the talk, if you like to talk or sing you will talk and/or sing, in this way learning is not difficult or boring, it happens almost by itself. I enjoy learning with Elinor
Elena Muro
Computer Engineer, Netherlands

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