Test your Hebrew level

The level tests below were made to help you decide which of the courses and the membership programs are more suitable for you. Every test includes questions that you should know perfectly in order to skip that level. If you managed to answer correctly only some of the questions, It would be best to review that level again and complete your learning. Every one of our courses will give you the tools you need to elevate your level and improve it on your way to speak Hebrew with confidence. Yalla, let׳s start!


Beginners should be able to speak in the Present Tense form and in the Past Tense form fluently. 

This and more:


Intermediates should be able to conjugate to the Future Tense and the imperative forms. 

This and more:


Advanced students should be able to handle long texts and conjugate to Passive verbs with confidence. 

This and more:

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