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I’m Elinor Gee. I was born and raised in Israel, in the Tel Aviv district. Hebrew is my mother tongue, and English is my friend. My friend? Yes. Growing up watching a lot of American TV shows, I learned to associate only good values with the English language: Fun, laughter, interest, knowledge. I gained a language effortlessly and with ease. Through that, I was able to learn the language with ease. 

I’m telling you all that so you׳’ll see where I’m coming from when I say that Hebrew is not a difficult language to learn! But I agree; many systems out there are being taught in the wrong way. The intentions are good, but all the rest… more than 50% of my students had learned Hebrew in the past and still carry a lot of confusion and frustration. I know what to do to make Hebrew work for you both as a happy English student (I keep learning all the time!) and as an experienced and professional Hebrew teacher with over ten years of experience and hundreds of satisfied students from all around the world. I guarantee – this time, it will be done correctly. I bring my passion for Hebrew to my students. 

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Elinor Gee

Teacher and Founder

Visual Learning

We use our knowledge in design to build smarter learning materials for a faster, effortless learning experience

One Teacher

No more Russian roulette when it comes to your Hebrew teacher. You know what you׳re getting and what to expect out of your teacher.

Hottest Content

So much of the Hebrew learning materials out there are archaic, outdated. We talk about everything hot and current

Our focus: Speaking

Our primary goal is to give you the tools to not only understand Hebrew but to speak it with confidence!

Fair Pricing

Our fair pricing is part of our agenda: make Hebrew affordable for a wider audience


No matter where you are in the world - we aim to provide you with the full real Ulpan experience. All you need is to log on with a good WiFi signal, and start learning!


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